Our method of training is tailored to the individual. using kettlebells, bodyweight exercises and TRX.


Our Master Nutritionist works with you to develop a sustainable eating plan and build real habit change.


Nagging aches and pains? Injuries that never seem to get better? We do that too. Learn to move your body pain free.

The Risk Analysis Curve

The percentage of Americans who regularly engage in vigorous exercise for more than six months (meaning people who exercise regularly for an extended period of time) is shockingly low. Depending upon which source you're reading it's about 3%. I'm including weight...

Testing Neurological Reflexes

There are many, many hard-wired neurological reflexes. One such reflex is called vestibulo-ocular reflex cancellation. This is important when it comes to your ability to cleanly follow a target with your eyes and head moving together. You wouldn't think this would be...

Brain Performance Training

The methods of client evaluation and training we use at Average To Elite Performance are much different than those you may have encountered or would expect in working with a personal trainer. It's a safe bet that most of you have heard the phrase “Don't skip leg day”...

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