Contraindications: I do not work with those suffering from chronic disease (cancer, advanced type 2 diabetes, Parkinsons etc.) those recently recovering from surgery or any other condition that would be best handled by a qualified Physician. Before working with me you should already be cleared by a Medical Doctor and Physical Therapist. If neither of those providers has been able to help you and you do not have a disease state or ongoing tissue injury, please continue.

I am not a Doctor and I am not a Physical Therapist. I am something different.

  In 2010 I started working with a neurologically based perfomance system called Z-Health. I believed in this system enough to eventually become a Master Practitioner. What makes Z-Health different from other therapy systems?

  • Z-Health is based on cutting edge neurocience, not the bio-mechanical model that most physical therapy practices are based on. Simply put, if the command center (your brain) is sending signals downstream (to the body) that are perpetuating dysfunction and pain, no amount of work below the neck will ever fix it.

  • Getting you out of pain lying on a therapy table is not enough. Pain resolution strategies often do not “stick” because we don’t continue to work on improving our movement vocabulary, and correcting the dysfunction that caused the problem in the first place. We go beyond just getting out of pain, and start building a new and better “you”.

  • The majority of Z-Health is self-applied. We believe in something called the “active vs. passive paradox”. Simply put, your nervous system wants to learn and it thrives on self care, not someone else performing passive care on you. You will learn drills for improving vision, respiration, mobilty, balance and a lot more, all self applied.



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Human cadaver dissection


Jordan is wonderful! I had an ACL reconstruction, and 3 months post-op, and with twice weekly physical therapy, I still had a limp and some pain in my leg while walking. After two sessions with Jordan I was walking normally again and all the pain was gone.

Ariana F.

I have been having on and off knee pain for the last 4 years. 2 months ago my pain had become pretty unbearable. I wasn’t able to walk properly. I went to physical therapists and chiros but nothing worked.I was pretty desperate for a cure because I was heading on a 10 day euro trip and needed to be able to walk. I heard about Jordan’s miracle powers to cure pain and I went to see him. 3 sessions, that’s all it took for the pain to go away.

Bhuvana H.

Jordan really is amazing! He is super knowledgeable and fun to work with. He is great about modifying my workouts to my abilities. I spent five years having daily back spasms, doctors told me it was just my reality after my car accident. I don’t have back spasms anymore and my range of motion has improved so much, it’s incredible. I’m so thankful!

Sara W.

I came with all sorts of infrastructure problems – bum knees, general soreness, etc. — and Jordan’s off-the-charts knowledge of human musculature and anatomy had my problems solved in about a month — and I have also had 2 years of physical therapy for these ailments which didn’t do much for me. Jordan thinks about the body in a way that is quite special and unique.

Aubree J.

Jordan is a genius. He knows anatomy so well that any problem I’ve had whether flexibility or injury he has me do some seemingly minor/basic exercises that result in significant/dramatic and immediate improvements. It’s hard to even explain what he does – its like magic. I’m gaining back flexibility that I haven’t had in over 20 years. I’m excited about growing older – it doesn’t mean I have to lose flexibility, gain weight or feel pain…I can’t say enough things about Jordan.

Shalini V.

Jordan can actually talk to bodies, and bodies talk to him in return. It sounds magical but it is true. He knows things even before they happen, which means you never end up injuring yourself. And if you go to Jordan with your symptoms his extensive knowledge-base has a solution that works for you right away.

Snehal K.

Jordan is very gifted at being able to see what your body needs.  I have often been surprised at the wide range of techniques he has at his disposal to deal with bodies complicated wiring systems.  He has helped me become more comfortable and fluid in my daily job.  This is priceless.  It’s like being 10 years younger.

Chris C.


The amount of neurological “input” a person needs for this method to work is highly variable, so I don’t want to get pulled into a 2x per week or 3x per week style personal training model. It may have taken you quite a while to develop the chain of dysfunction that created the problems you currently face, so we should not expect you to dig yourself out of that hole in 60 minutes or working on it once per week. You may see me three times a week for an hour each visit, or every day for 20 minutes each visit. I cannot predict how often we need to work together or how long the process will take, and anyone who claims they can should probably not be trusted.



Your nervous system can turn on a dime, and we need to be ready to match it turn for turn.

You’re going to have to put in some work, but not in the way you may be thinking. You’re not going to be doing a bunch of hard workouts, that does not improve chronic pain problems. The work you will be doing may be as simple as looking up and to the left at a pen 10x per day to balance out the stamina of the eye muscles, or tilting your head down and up 5x per day to correct an imbalance in the vestibular system. This stuff works, but some people aren’t ready for that level of commitment. To be honest, that’s part of why I make you read through all this stuff before getting to the punchline.

I require a 60 day commitment at a flat rate of 3,000 per month.


What I do works (even those from other discilpines who don’t agree with my model acknowledge that) and I have the social proof and the business to prove it. Now the real question is, are you ready to invest in learning how to change your relationship with your body and how you view pain?

Yes, I'm ready to move forward.

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