Nutrition is one of the most confusing subjects in the world, hands down. You need an expert who relies on research and experience (not getting caught up in the latest fads) to help simplify this complex subject.


Information alone is not enough. According to current research it takes 60-70 days to change a habit. It’s important to have a coach who understands how to guide you through this process to make it as painless as possible.



Ultimately, it is most important to learn to be accountable to yourself. Until you get to that point, Emily Vezina will help you by monitoring food logs, setting weekly meetings/calls and making sure you stay on track.

Due to the high demand for Emily’s nutrition coaching services our minimum commitment is 12 weeks. This includes the initial intake/ consultation (one hour) and weekly 30 minute follow up calls or in-person meetings. You will also receive a binder of supportive material, regular food log monitoring and much more.

This is NOT an auto-generated or cut and paste one size fits all meal plan. You will actually be learning what it takes to support your metabolism so that you can lose weight (if needed) and feel better in your body.

We do not rely on quick fixes (that don’t last) such as eliminating sugar, becoming a vegan or starving yourself. Instead you will learn how to evaluate what truly works for you, and most importantly what changes you can make that you will be able to sustain for years to come.

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