The most important thing to understand about running is that the same mistakes that present while you are walking will only be amplified during running. Unfortunately it’s not as simple as being told what you are doing wrong and then working on “technique”.

  After an initial evaluation of your walking and running gait you will receive an in-depth breakdown of your movement and most importantly what needs to happen to improve it. This will include technique work, but importantly you will also develop an in-depth understanding of just what is occuring at a bio-mechanical and neurological level, and how these things may be harming your running efficiency and setting you up for pain and injury.

Next up we will cover corrective work that will literally “re-write” your nervous system programming and send the improvements downstream. This may include dynamic joint mobility work, breathing exercises, balance drills or even vision training.

  Jordan is wonderful! I had an ACL reconstruction, and 3 months post-op, and with twice weekly physical therapy, I still had a limp and some pain in my leg while walking. After two sessions with Jordan I was walking normally again and all the pain was gone.

- Ariana F.

  I have been having on and off knee pain for the last 4 years. 2 months ago my pain had become pretty unbearable. I wasn’t able to walk properly. I went to physical therapists and chiros but nothing worked.I was pretty desperate for a cure because I was heading on a 10 day euro trip and needed to be able to walk. I heard about Jordan’s miracle powers to cure pain and I went to see him. 3 sessions, that’s all it took for the pain to go away.

- Bhuvana H.

   I came with all sorts of infrastructure problems – bum knees, general soreness, etc. — and Jordan’s off-the-charts knowledge of human musculature and anatomy had my problems solved in about a month — and I have also had 2 years of physical therapy for these ailments which didn’t do much for me. Jordan thinks about the body in a way that is quite special and unique.

- Aubree J.

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