“​Our dream was to build a place where people from all walks of life could come and learn to move better, get out of pain and feel better in their bodies. That is what we've done at Average To Elite Performance .”

​Jordan Vezina

​Jordan Vezina / ​Master Trainer

Why Choose ​Average To Elite?

  • ​Twelve Years Serving Silicon Valley!
  • ​Top Rated Independent Studio On Yelp For Over Ten Years!
  • ​The Only Neurology Focused Training Studio In Silicon Valley!

​Our Trainers

​Jordan Vezina

​Founder of A2E and Z-Health Master Trainer. Jordan is a former Marine and has been one of the top trainers in Silicon Valley since 2006.

​Emily vezina

​Co-owner of A2E, personal trainer and nutritionist. Emily specializes in ​nutrition and pre/post-natal training.

​mike piraro

​Mike is a former professional baseball player who has found a second career as a trainer. He specializes in helping clients feel more ath​letic at any age.

​alyssa chang

​Alyssa is a specialist in helping her clients find their "why" and then learn what it takes to become the best possible version of themselves.

​Our Process...

​Sustainable Fitness Is The Goal...

​Average To Elite Performance has been one of the top training studios in Silicon Valley for over a decade. What is the secret to our incredible track record? 

We help our clients build true sustainable fitness

by using. simple but effective process.


​Your First Session/ Intake

​We perform a full movement evaluation of your neurology and biomechanics.


​Corrective Work

​Using the information gathered in the intake we perscribe drills to improve your movement and reduce nagging aches and pains. 


​Application Of Exercise

​We find the right exercises for your body type and goals and ensure that all techniques are properly learned. 



​Wait, what? Yes, training should be fun. Even if you have never exercised before we can always find ways to make training fun!

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 ​Holly He



​Jordan is AMAZING! I have been working with him for the last 20 months and the results speak for themselves. I'm a runner so improving overall strength and avoiding injuries have been my focus. The mobility work is amazing. The strength training is great. With my long distance running over the years, Jordan has played a very important role in protecting me from injuries. Highly recommended!

 ​​Annelise M. 


​I contacted Emily to work with my teenager who wanted to pursue a plant based diet. I was nervous that my daughter wouldn't be able to meet her nutritional needs without expert advice. Emily was amazing: very understanding, knowledgeable and patient. My daughter really enjoyed meeting with Emily and has incorporated many of her suggestions into her diet. Emily's got a great way with teenagers.

​Are You Interested In Nutrition Services?

​Work with our Master Nutritionist Emily Vezina



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Palo Alto, CA 94303




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