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Jordan Vezina

Z-Health Master Trainer

Jordan Vezina

Jordan is a former United States Marine and the owner of Average To Elite Performance in Palo Alto, California and Average To Elite Austin in Austin, Texas. Jordan has accumulated over 25,000 hours working with clients in Silicon Valley and has developed cutting edge training and nutrition tactics that can get you moving forward again at any age!

"My philosophy is to help my clients establish both mobility and stability prior to engaging in hard exercise. From there we learn not only to get comfortable with discomfort but to thrive within it, because on the other end of all that hard work we will meet our best self."

Dr. Margot Gerritsen ​
"Jordan is outstanding. Patient, knowledgeable, inspiring, observant.
I cannot recommend him highly enough."
Dr. Margot Gerritsen
Professor/ Stanford University
Shyam Sankar​
"Jordan has a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise.
He is a skilled diagnostician with a keen eye for functional movement. I've been working with
Jordan for over 4 years and the results speak for themselves.
Shyam Sankar
Director/ Palantir Technologies

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