Can breathing better help you lose weight?

At Average To Elite Performance we do a ton of work on building better respiratory capacity with our clients. Part of this is conditioning work, but an equally important part is working on the basic breathing skills that most people never think of. For example, many people know that it’s becoming increasingly common to stop breathing in your sleep for short periods of time (sleep apnea) but did you know many people do it during their waking hours as well? Rapid breathing patterns and chest dominant breathing are also common problems.

We use a number or neurolgoically driven breathing exercies to include stretching the diaphragm and gradaully working into resisted breathing, all with great success. Some benefits of this type of work are listed below.

  • Better mobility
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Improved conditoning
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Imrpoved brain function through better fuel supply
  • Weight loss

Oh, that last one got your attention. Yes, better breathing also generally results in weight loss. Read the study linked below for more information on just how this works.

>> How breathing better can help you lose weight

>>> Check out our online course on respiration!


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