Product Review: The Whoop Band

Let’s take a look at a new wearable fitness tracker that has a lot more under the hood than you might think. I’ll be the first to admit: I’m super easy to sell to. You could probably sell me world war two era suicide pills. It’s that bad. Over the last few years I’ve gotten a lot better about this bad habit, but every so often something catches my eye. Especially new tech. I’ve been…

Improving Body Composition

In the next few blog posts we’re going to be talking about how to create changes in body composition. For most of you this will be defined as losing body fat and building muscle. An important point is that “building muscle” does not mean getting bigger. While muscle size may moderately increase, what we’re talking about it more along the lines of increasing density which improves the ability to burn fat. Most people are not…

Keeping the goal the goal

I have a confession to make. It’s about a bad habit trainers have, and since I’m a trainer I’ll admit to being guilty of this in the past. A client comes in and has a goal. It may be a goal they set for themselves a year ago or last week, but it’s their goal and they own it. It’s important to them. In fact it’s so important that they have stepped out of their…

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