What I Do Every Day: The Foundation

This is a 3-part series on what I do each day to stay in top condition in my forties. 2019 was a pretty big year for me, both personally and professionally. A big part of this was realizing that I had not really modified my training, nutrition and lifestyle habits as I entered my 40s. This led to me realizing at 43 that I was a bit overweight, not as healthy as I should be…

Top 5 Keto Mistakes!

Author: Jordan Vezina​Jordan​ is the founder and co-owner of Average To Elite Performance in Palo Alto, California. A former Marine and bodyguard Jordan is now a Z-Health Master Trainer and kettlebell specialist who spends his spare time writing novels and watching his dog sleep.​I started working with the ketogenic diet in April of 2019. This was after a long history of studying nutrition and trying all sorts of different approaches. Why did I become interested…

Deciphering food labels

A simple trip to the grocery store can feel completely overwhelming these days. With so many options and varieties of foods, it can be hard to determine what’s best for our bodies and lifestyles. What are the healthiest options? Which ingredients should we be looking to add, and which ones should we be avoiding? If you’re putting your trust in food manufactures to tell you what’s “good” and what’s “bad” then you may end up…

Can breathing better help you lose weight?

At Average To Elite Performance we do a ton of work on building better respiratory capacity with our clients. Part of this is conditioning work, but an equally important part is working on the basic breathing skills that most people never think of. For example, many people know that it’s becoming increasingly common to stop breathing in your sleep for short periods of time (sleep apnea) but did you know many people do it during…

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