What Are The Five Levers Of PTSD?

Lever One: Respiration

Learn why developing and maintaining a proper breathing pattern is important for brain health and stress reduction.

Lever Two: Mindset

Facilitating the brain’s healing process is just one piece of the PTSD/TBI puzzle. We need to develop a mindset that we can be well again.

Lever Three: Nutrition

We’ve all heard it before: You are what you eat. But how does nutrition influence brain health and PTSD/TBI?

Lever Four: Movement

The perscription here is almost too simple: Move more than you don’t. Learn why this is important not just for physical health, but for brain health as well.

Lever Five: Vision

Did you know that you can train your vision? Not only that, but there are direct lnks between eye movement and our ability to process trauma.


About Jordan Vezina


Over 20,000 Client Training Hours

Jordan has worked as a trainer and chronic pain specialist in Silcon Valley since 2006.


Study Of Neurology

Jordan has studied neurology since 2010 and applied the information learend to his clients.


PTSD/ TBI Survivor

After developing severe PTSD presentations in his late thirties Jordan turned to his study of the brain to reverse those symptoms.


Former Infantry Marine/Soldier And Bodyguard

Jordan served four years with the United States Marine Corps and worked in the field of executive protection before becoming a trainer. He also served with the California National Guard and was activated to the Army as an 11 Bravo.