Jordan Vezina

Z-Health Master Practitioner

For the past ten years Jordan has been one of the top personal trainers in Silicon Valley. Jordan works with his clients in a private studio setting and prioritizes movement skill and injury prevention while providing challenging training sessions that follow a logical progression.

Prior to pursuing a career in personal training Jordan was a Marine Corps infantry sergeant and worked in executive protection. In his spare time Jordan publishes a popular series of novels in the thriller genre on Amazon. Below are just some of Jordan’s qualifications.


  • Z-Health Master Practitioner
  • Former Russian Kettlebell Certification Instructor
  • Cadaver Dissection with Tom Myers of Anatomy Trains
  • Powerlifting Seminar with Boris Sheiko
  • Westside Methods Seminar with Louie Simmons

Client Training Hours

Certifications Attended

Years In Business


Jordan’s rate for personal training is 200 per session. Initial assessments are also charged at this same rate. During your assessment Jordan will collect a great deal of information that will help set you up for success!


Jordan trains clients a minimum of twice per week while providing homework for mobility and exercise. This frequency allows for optimal results. Experience has shown that any less than this and results cannot be guaranteed.


Special Populations

Jordan has worked with clients from all walks of life as well as post-surgical, through cancer treatments and cardiac rehabilitation with a special focus on keeping you feeling your best while the doctors do their work.




Jordan is an author with over a dozen books published on Amazon. His upcoming book on the neurology of PTSD and the role of concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury in this condition will be released in September.

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