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Mobile and Responsive

We use a custom designed app that you can access on your desktop or smartphone to set up your training program with customized training videos and support via messenger when you need it.

Real World Experience

Your program is designed by a Master Trainer with over 20,000 hours of experience working with clients from all walks of life in the heart of Silicon Valley. Experience like that is hard to come by.

Home Or Gym Based

Not everyone can make it to the gym each day  for their workouts. Choose from our gym based or home workouts. Great for clients with busy travel schedules who want to stay on track!

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Select your program from our signature programs. You’ll communicate with Master Trainer Jordan Vezina to personalize it to your needs and he will provide ongoing support.

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In this free online course you’ll learn the basics of preparing for training, improving your mobility, nutrition planning and proper recovery.

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Finishing your first training program isn’t the end! Each training cycle you finish will only open the door to new goals and new achievements!

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Meet Your Trainer

Jordan Vezina

Jordan Vezina

Master Trainer

Jordan is a former Marine infantry sergeant with a specialization in anti/counter-terrorism, a former bodyguard and a published author.

Since 2006 Jordan has been training clients in Palo Alto, California. That client list has included home makers, engineers, professional athletes, senior citizens, post-rehab clients and everyone in between.

Jordan is a Z-Health Master Trainer with several other certifications and 20,000 hours of client training experience.

All of our signature programs were developed on real clients just like you at his gym Average To Elite Performance!

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