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It’s Go Time: How I beat PTSD, got out of pain and took my life back.


In this book I recount the story of my life and early exposure to head trauma, concussion and TBI. An alternative theory of PTSD is presented, specifically that it is a result of TBI and not purely a psychological condition.

To fully understand this concept we will examine the underlying neurology of PTSD/ TBI as well as present a series of exercises and lifestyle modifications that may help those suffering from the symptoms of what is commonly referred to as PTSD.

This book also contains exercises you can practice that will encourage improved neurological health and may impact some of the common symptoms of PTSD/ TBI. You will also get free access to a 50 minute companion video course to make sure all exercises are understood and properly performed.

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What if you had 1,000 panic attacks in one year?

What if you woke up screaming in the night and unable to move?

What if your hands tremored and your ears rang?

What if a flashing light could reduce you to tears?

What would you do to fix it? Would you even know what was wrong with you?


After a life of head trauma, a crazy childhood and years in the military I began presenting with symptoms of what is commonly referred to as PTSD in my late 30s. These symptoms began presenting concurrent with my ongoing study of neurology and specifically traumatic brain injury. Then I started seeing a new theory being presented.




This is the story of how I developed PTSD/ TBI and what I did about it. It should serve as a cautionary tale of what happens when a person is exposed to repeated head trauma as well as a ray of hope for those living in what can only be described as a nightmare of darkness and fatigue.

In this book you will learn about the 5 Levers Of PTSD, a system I used to determine what I needed to do to finally allow my brain to heal itself. I will outline strategies to apply these principles to your own symptoms in the hope that you may experience some measure of the success I have.


This book also comes with free access to an online companion course to ensure you fully understand how to perform the exercises in the book.


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