Online Training + Monthly Check In Call

$200.00 / month

Most people who make consistent progress over time toward their physical training goals have a coach who knows how to properly construct a training program, make adjustments as needed and importantly understands how to coach habit change.

Master Trainer Jordan Vezina has established an unparalleled track record working with clients at Average To Elite Performance in Palo Alto, California and is now bringing that same expertise and attention to detail to an online training platform.



I design programs customized to the client and using a number of different methods.

  • Kettlebell focused training
  • Calisthenics focused training
  • TRX based training
  • Body composition focused

Your program will depend upon your specific goals, and we will decide together what your best course of action is. I use a note sharing application called Quip that will allow us to interact in real time, keep programs updated on both ends and provide you with links to tutorial videos for exercises. Your program will be specific to you. I do not use “auto-templates” or one-size-fits-all programs.

With your subscription to my online training system you will receive the following.

  • An initial video call consultation where we will discuss your goals and the best approach to achieving them.
  • A collection of “one sheets” covering the basics of nutrition, mobility work, recovery and more.
  • Video tutorials for exercises and mobility drills designed by Jordan and filmed at Average To Elite Performance.
  • Messaging within the Quip platform when you have questions about your training.
  • Monthly evaluations of your training logs with notes for areas to improve.

By choosing this option with the monthly check-in we will have a 30-minute video call once per month to strategize on any subject you wish. Normal topics include nutrition, recovery, habit change development, goal tracking and modification.


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