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Promix Collagen Peptides

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About the product
  • ALL AROUND STRENGTH: Improve your body’s performance by strengthening your connective tissue; this needed support can help relieve main muscles so you can go harder and longer during your workouts
  • JOINT HEALTH: Add 20 grams of pure collagen peptide protein powder to a drink of water, cup of juice, smoothie, or bowl of oatmeal to get the protein you need to help maintain healthy joints
  • GUT HEALTH: With a unique peptide profile rich in Glycine, this supplement is also great for digestive system care; improve nutrient absorption and utilization for better health and immunity
  • OPTIMUM BIOAVAILABILITY: Our collagen peptide formula has been hydrolyzed to maximize bioavailability for complete and super quick absorption; a great supplement for men and women young and old
  • HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS: Higher testing standards than any other collagen protein; 100% grass-fed, no fillers, sweeteners, colors, corn, soy, or gluten; third-party tested for purity

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