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Clients drive from all over the San Francisco Bay Area to work with me, but some distances are just too far. Not anymore! Using the Facebook Portal device I can now offer remote training sessions that are as good as the real thing. The Portal device follows me as I move, so no more constantly needing to adjust a camera to get the right angle.
In addition to all of my education as a trainer, the greatest skill-set I offer to my clients is my ability to see things that others don’t. I have averaged 40 hours a week of training clients and watching them move over the past 12 years, and I have developed what has been called a “spooky” ability to spot problems and correct them. Below are just some possible options for our session goals.
  • Regular One-On-One Training: These are run as normal personal training sessions and can be scheduled to recur weekly.
  • Exercise Evaluation: We’ll run through your lifts and identify technique or mobility problems.
  • Mobility/ Gait Evaluation: I will take you through a series of assessments to identify any problems you have with your walking gait as well as isolating which joints do not have full range of motion. We will then develop a plan to improve these deficits.
  • Neurological Testing: We will run through a series of tests starting at the receptor level. This is crucial for reducing pain, improving mobility and increasing strength. Please note: This is not a medical service. For medical problems you should get a referral to a clinical neurologist.


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