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Work with Z-Health Master Trainer Jordan Vezina on your pain relief, mobility improvement or athletic goals. Jordan has established a proven track record in Silicon Valley working with hundreds of clients who wanted to move better, eliminate pain and become better athletes. Knowledge without experience isn’t that useful, so Jordan’s 25,000 hours of client training experience can be the key to unlocking your potential. When working with Jordan you will also get access to his custom made online Z-Health training course!


  • Single Sessions Or Regular One-On-One Training: These are run as normal personal training sessions and can be scheduled to recur weekly or as single sessions.
  • Exercise Evaluation: We’ll run through your lifts and identify technique or mobility problems. If possible i will ask you to film these and send them to me ahead of time.
  • Mobility/ Gait Evaluation: I will take you through a series of assessments to identify any problems you have with your walking gait as well as isolating which joints do not have full range of motion. We will then develop a plan to improve these deficits.
  • Exercise Selection: Understand which exercises are best for your body-type and goals.
  • Access To The Online Z-Health Training Platform: Jordan has spent over 100 hours building a Z-Health home training course with hours of video and detailed explanations to help guide you in your home training.
  • Get access to online programming with regular remote training: Choose regular weekly remote training sessions and get complimentary access to



I wish I lived in California

I tweaked my knees last summer doing swings with bad form and surfing the net came across Jordan's video about swing corrections.
I talked to Jordan over the phone and within minutes I knew he was very serious about training and knew his stuff! I got some really good advice from him and cleared up the confusion I had about what do with kettlebells for my fitness goals. I also got my motivation back that I was starting to lose. I hope to keep in contact with him, I live on the East coast.

Julien Moniez

Training done the 'right' way

Remote training with Jordan was fantastic! He's an awesome trainer, very knowledgeable and down to earth and so easy to talk to The things I learnt from him have been things that I've been able to carry over and implement in my own training, even after finishing my time with him. If your bored with 'regular and normal' and want to give awesomeness a try, you should definitely check Jordan out!

The gift that keeps on giving...

I owe so much of my kettlebell success to Jordan. He is patient (or appears to be), wise, very smart (or appears to be) and a master of his methods. And even more remarkable is that Jordan continues to be a source of support and an effective resource for my continued development as an RKC and a kettlebell passionista.

Keep an eye on Jordan Vezina. Here is an emerging master. I can say I knew him when.

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