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Remote Coaching With Jordan Vezina


For the past decade Jordan Vezina has been working  with clients from all walks of life in Palo Alto, California. His methods have been proven to work for everyone from seniors to deskbound engineers to NFL football players. You’re just a few clicks away from starting your journey to improved movement, health and fitness.





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We use the latest technology to to create a seamless remote training experience.

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Who is Jordan Vezina?

20,000 hours of client training since 2007.

Experience like that is hard to find.

Jordan is a former Marine Corps infantry Sergeant and Bodyguard who found a second life in personal training. In 2007 Jordan opened Average To Elite Performance in Palo Alto, California and Average To Elite soon became the top private training studio in Silicon Valley.

Jordan’s educational development led him to become a world recognized authority on the use of the Russian Kettlebell to build strength and conditioning after completing both levels of the certification and being appointed a certification team leader by Pavel Tsatsouline.

From there Jordan did a deep dive over the course of nine years into applied neuroanatomy and now is a practitioner of the Wim Hof Method. Jordan now uses the WHM with his clients to create astounding improvements in mobility, strength and endurance.

 Widely considered to be one of the top trainers in the world, Jordan is now taking his expertise and attention to detail to an online training platform.

Client Testimonials

Jordan has a tremendous amount of knowledge and expertise. He is a skilled diagnostician with a keen eye for functional movement. His intuition is spooky scary. I’ve been seeing Jordan for over 4 years and the results speak for themselves.

Shyam Sankar

Director, Palantir Technologies

I am a sports massage therapist and an Active Release Instructor. My sport of choice is ultra cycling and I use running for cross training. I have been a personal trainer and strength and conditioning specialist for over 20 years. I have worked with and trained under many other personal trainers in the past.

Last week climbing up Page Mill Road (8 miles/2000 feet) I dropped 10 minutes off of my time. I have also increased my running mileage with less effort. Every time that I show up for my session he is on the floor stretching. As a therapist I know that prevention is very important to Jordan. I feel confident that he can continue to show me new levels of my own fitness and endurance.

Anthony Gilbert

Owner, Athlete's Edge

I’ve been able to assist with Jordan at a couple certifications now, and at this latest one, in San Diego (2009), Jordan presented a brief snatch lecture and led the MVO2 workout. So I can finally say, from first-hand experience, that Jordan is a terrific instructor. He’s probably one of the hardest working people in the RKC, and his clients are the fortunate beneficiaries of that. His skills are top-notch, his presentation clear, his knowledge base strong, and his demeanor both professional and totally likeable. You’ll be very happy you’ve chosen him to be your instructor.

Nikki Schosser

Team Leader, StrongFirst

I owe so much of my kettlebell success to Jordan. He is patient (or appears to be), wise, very smart (or appears to be) and a master of his methods. And even more remarkable is that Jordan continues to be a source of support and an effective resource for my continued development as an RKC and a kettlebell passionista.

Keep an eye on Jordan Vezina. Here is an emerging master. I can say I knew him when.

Denise Palermo

Owner, Movement Voodoo

Schedule your complimentary consultation!

There’s no obligation to purchase and I don’t do a hard sell.

We’ll just have a conversation about your goals and decide if my approach is a good fit for you.