Tony Church

Personal Trainer









Tony is the best!  I had been going to the gym and taking classes for years, but got off track after an injury.  After 3 months training with Tony, I feel back on track, and just finished a 5 K!  Best thing I’ve ever done for myself.  Tony has been fantastic, helping me increase my strength and core, as well as managing issues from my old injury.  He is extremely knowledgeable about physiology and rehabilitation.  Work outs are always different and fun, and I can see my improvement every week!

Ellen B.

After a back injury, I was on the search for a trainer that could offer personal training that was above the typical service one would get from a gym. I wanted to find someone that understood how the body works, be able to alter exercises on the fly, and was extremely patient as I relearned basic movements after being inactive for years.

Because of Tony I am healthier and stronger than I’ve been in years. He has helped me understand the importance of incorporating stretches in my daily routine even when my back doesn’t hurt, like rolling on therapy balls and hamstring exercises. I now am able to do things I never would have imagined myself doing, like swinging a kettlebell around, box jumps, or believing that I could do pull-ups.

Janet F.



After completing his degree in exercise science/ wellness at Murray State University Tony began his career as a physical therapy technician. Not completely satisfied with options for care and scope of practice, but awakened to the high demand of people in need, Tony sought out other ways to help people in chronic pain.

Tony’s philisophy revolves around helping his clients increase exercise intensity to improve strength and create changes in body composition without creating pain or movement problems that may stop them down the road. This is why tony uses the Z-Health performanse system to evalaute and correct faulty movement patterns at a nervous system level. 

I want to work with Tony!