At Average To Elite Performance we use the Z-Health model to train our clients.


How is this different from what you may be used to?

Why focus on brain based training?

Z-health is neurology applied to an athletic training model...




Everything we do and everything we are is brain-derived. Movement, pain, athletic development, and weight loss are all results of brain function. By using neurologically based exercises such as joint mobility, vision training, breathing drills and so much more we are able to actually change the way our brains work.


Using this model we assess different neural structures such as sensory receptors, the cerebellum, brainstem and much more. If we find areas of the brain that are under or over-active, we apply correctives to improve that area.


This works amazingly well for reducing or eliminating chronic pain, but it also helps our clients move better, lift more weight, become faster and feel better in their bodies.


Why did we stop playing?

Most people stop playing after they finish school...



Your brain craves novelty, and this novelty is part of what helps us maintain a healthy level of function.


Haven’t you ever thought it was a little strange that we were so active as children, taking all kinds of crazy risks, yet had little pain or dysfunction?


Maybe it isn’t the aging process alone that causes us to start breaking down and experiencing pain, injury, and movement dysfunction. Sure, the passage of time is going to take its toll on you, but perhaps it would be far less impactful if you had never stopped playing?


That’s the way we think of training. We want to help you learn how to play again so that maybe you can get a little closer to feeling like a kid again.



Are pain, stress and fatigue holding you back?

Do you feel like you could be a better version of yourself if you just knew what to do?



Physical fitness and nutrition are highly complex subjects. Our trainers attend high-level courses with equally high price tags, but we’re happy to do it because of the result it yields for our clients.


Everyone needs a guide, and that is the service we provide using the Z-Health model. 


We take every client through a series of detailed neurological and biomechanical assessments so that you can better understand just what it is that has been holding you back, and importantly finally get some answers as to what to do about it.


From there we make sure every client can safely perform the exercises in their strength and conditioning program. No one wants to get to a point where they are finally making progress, just to be met with pain or injury. Neither of these should be a part of your training experience.


We also have a Master Nutritionist on staff to help you learn how to optimally fuel your body.

You live outside of the box, so that's where we train.

Training is about more than just strength and conditioning.



Our clients are innovators, entrepreneurs and pioneers. You decided not to settle for what the mainstream had to offer. Neither did we. We train the nervous system as a whole. Some of the exercises we do may look a little strange, but the results they yield are nothing short of astounding.


Did you know that vision is trainable? This is important because up to 70% of your posture and balance are derived from your vision. So it stands to reason that if we can improve your vision with eye exercises, you will soon be standing up straighter, and be less likely to lose your balance when it really counts!



Exercise should be fun!

If you have never liked exercise, maybe you just didn't have a coach who had enough options to make it fun.



Many people have an innate dislike of exercise. Often this is because they were told that they had to do X magical exercise in order for the program to “work”.


In an industry that is only moving faster toward treating exercise as punishment, we’re going the other way. Yes, there are certain things we need to do in training to be mobile and healthy, but our goal is to make that process fun. You are far more likely to continue doing something you enjoy, than something you hate.


We aren’t crossfitters or bodybuilders or kettlebell specialists.



We’re human specialists. Humans just like you.

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